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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She's Got Chic Scarf

I created this pattern a while back, just out of curiosity, and I didn't know I was actually creating something WONDERFUL. It was just an idea, for a scarf, for a friend who wanted something entirely different from the rest of her friends.

So rose this pattern.

It's a perfect pattern for those who want to test their purling and counting. A more seasoned scarf for someone who wants to take a small step from regular knitted scarves, but also lovely enough for one who's knit dozens of scarves in all pattern forms.


Size 13 US knitting needles.
Worsted Weight yarn of your choice

This pattern works well with brighter, more full colors. Or even a dark, rich color. Steer clear of colors that hardly show patterns. The pattern is what makes this scarf so unique.



CO: Cast Off
P: Purl
K: Knit
STS: Stitches


It's simple.

Cast on between 25-30 sts, depending on how large you want it. It's already a large scarf, intended for warmth while looking pretty, it's just up to you on how LARGE you really want it. The picture below I cast on 25 exactly if I remember correctly. I've knit one since with 30, for a more full head coverage, and I loved that as well.

A big part of this project is keeping track of your purling and knitting rows. Keep that in mind as you continue.

Start by knitting 10 rows, and then purling eight.

Continue k10, then p8, then k10, then p8 until the scarf reaches about 6ft long. Of course, if you are shorter than the average person, adjust accordingly. I'm 5'4" and I love the length.


If you notice from the pictures, when you turn into purling, it leaves a lovely little gap between the rows. I love that.

Make sure you cast off on a knitted row! Be sure to take your time while knitting this, and keep track of your knitted and purled rows. I made the mistake of not counting correctly and on my second scarf there was a section that looked like one giant mess. So, slow is wonderous. :)


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