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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Boyfriend Hat

A simple, classic pattern that I created for my boyfriend who wanted a hat but wanted something other than a basic stockinette stitch. I call this the 'boyfriend hat' because it's versatile. Made specifically for men, but can also be worn by women. I loved how this turned out.



SZ 7 16" circular needles
A yarn color of your choice. (I used Red Heart's Heather Gray. Such a beautiful, both sex color. :) )


sts: stitches
CO: cast off
P: purl
K: knit
* : repeat from here.


Cast on 78 sts. I've found this is a good sized hat for a man and even for a women it's a great size, leaving just enough space for our hair and room to breathe!

*P5 K1 and repeat For the first two inches of the hat (or desired length. I loved two inches since it wasn't too low, and wasn't too high.

When the two inches is reached, reverse the pattern and *K5 P1 and repeat until desired length is achieved (base it off your own head, or whoever you're making it for. If that doesn't work, just knit the basic five to six inches. This normally makes it long enough to cover the ears entirely so your ears don't freeze in the witner.)


Fold the two inch brim over, (the reason you P5 K1 for the first two inches is because you will be folding it over, and you want your sts to match, right? :) See pic below. :) )


Very simple, clean.

M2, this helps with the decrease pattern. (I lost the original pattern and have been improvising until I get another one made!)
K7 K2TOG until end of row.
K6 K2TOG until end of row.
K5 K2TOG until end of row.
K4 K2TOG until end of row.
K3 K2TOG until end of row.
K2 K2TOG until end of row.
K1 K2TOG until end of row.
K2TOG or cast off.

When it gets closer to the top, it gets harder to follow the pattern. I continued with the same pattern I had used while knitting the hat and eventually when I only had a few sts left on my DPNs I just did regular knitting, and you couldn't tell unless you were specifically looking for it!



  1. I printed this out Dec 2 - and at that time, your pattern said to cast on 78, which I did. I worked the K5 P1 pattern to where I had to start the decrease. That's when I ran into a problem. The math didn't work. I came back to your website and saw you changed the cast on to 80 stitches, which works for the decreases, but does not work for the K5 P1 pattern. I had to get creative - I worked the pattern with the 78 stitches and did 2 M1's on the row before I started the decreases. Is there a better way to resolve this?

  2. Unfortunately before I posted this I got rid of the pattern, so I am going to go back and make another hat of this in order to figure it out once more. Sorry for the inconvenience. For now I'm just going to have to post as you did, and as a few others have found out with the m1 x2.